Interested in being a NikkiZ Angels Inc. Top Priority Model?


  • TOP Priority Models **FIRST** to be contacted when a booking comes through that is well fitted for them. If they are NOT interested or available, the Notice will go out to the Normal NZA INC. Database.
  • TOP PRIORITY Models can refer other professional or new models (male or female, ages 18-40) to sign up for this TOP PRIORITY MODEL Membership. You will receive a $20 check from NZA Inc. for EACH model you refer. No Limit as to how many you refer and how much you can make in referral commissions.
  • Are paid faster than our normal Database. Normal Database will be paid within 30days. TOP Priority models will have checks mailed out to them within 14days of their shoot day.
  • Get mailed out NZA special appreciation gifts with their pay checks.
  • TOP Priority Models will be posted as TOP PRIORITY MODELS on our NikkiZ Angels Inc website, our Facebook page & soon our business Model Mayhem page.
  • TOP Priority Model profiles will be where we direct clients to do a search for their bookings BEFORE we send out an email to the Normal NZA INC. database for bookings.
  • Will get invitations to NZA INC. Special Events with V.I.P. seating & food expenses covered by NZA Inc.
  • Will not wait in lines during NZA INC. castings. They will be walked straight up to the front of the line.
  • Will get first dibs on Interview times or Fitting Times for shoots.
  • Will be our TOP Choices for bookings when asked by directors & producers to pick our Favorites.
  • Will get 24hr/7day a week support from our NikkiZ Angels Inc. staff to help you with questions, advise, concerns, etc..
  • Will be helped. We will take the time, communicate with & research for you any photographers or clients that you find on your own, to make sure these clients are Legit! We will then give you our personal advice on the matter of working with them.
  • Only pay $100 for a full YEAR of this service. It’s very possible to make back way more then that on your very first booking with us 🙂